Almost one year ago, I wrote here that by the time our lease was up this year, I would be ready to move on from NYC.

I also listed a handful of other goals. Let’s check in on those, shall we?

Travel smarter, and better. Hmm. Well. Three weeks in Minnesota last summer sort of destroyed any semblance of not-spending-money-on-the-road I had geared up for, not least because new environments make me feel better. I relish in finding similarities between new places. I’d planned to run a half-marathon in Rhode Island at the end of July and — have you ever been to summer? Felt it? Doggy-paddled through its swampy humidity? I figured that being along the water would make that race reasonable but two consecutive weekends of 90+ temperatures put the kibosh on that. So I ran a 5k, instead.

Anyway, this is telling you nothing about “smarter and better.” Staying fairly local, and going for just a weekend, made a big difference.

I went to Maine at the end of August, and aside from the rental car and hotel room for three hours on my way alllll the way up north to watch the rise from the first point in the U.S. touched by the magnificent star in the summer, the trip was…okay, it still wasn’t very well-budgeted. This is something I acknowledge and must continue to work on.

But, really? Maine is beautiful and fantastic and you should definitely go if you ever have the opportunity.

International travel isn’t on hold per se, because I’m heading to Costa Rica at the end of February for a friend’s 30th birthday celebration. Who needs destination weddings when I can go to a destination birthday? While Costa Rica isn’t Norway, Iceland or Japan, it’s tropical, and it will be the worst part of winter, so I’m actually negative complaining.

And as for “smarter” for Costa Rica, I joined Digit and have been using that as my method for saving for the trip. The app takes a little here and a little there from your checking account and puts it into a separate Digit account and gives you an update every few days, or with every big milestone. IT SENT ME A DIDDY GIF FOR REACHING $250. I’m HERE FOR apps sending me Diddy gifs! Rich people have been saying forever that $3 here and $7 there adds up, and it’s 100% true. I’m nearly to my goal for the trip and Digit started saving for me maybe two months ago.

Keep running. So, I kinda fell off the bandwagon here. I’m still running, but I’m not RUNNING. The Vancouver half-marathon is this year’s road goal, and I’ll start training in earnest at the beginning of next month. Until then, it’s just getting back into old habits.

Leave NYC. Oh yeah, this one. I don’t know where to begin. How about: details to come? The first steps are in place. I’ve resigned, to the people who most immediately need to know, from my job. M’s boyfriend will officially take over my part of the lease as of March 1. I’ve begun to look for chariots that will spirit me away, and to make a map of my destinations (DETAILS TK). I’m taking this opportunity to finally see the South, and to also pick up all the stuff of mine scattered around the country, and to see my far-flung friends.

Would you like a visit? Do you have anyplace to suggest? Want to join me for part of it? Hit me on the buzz and we’ll work out the details!

I’m not an overwhelming fount of optimism that 2017 will be better than 2016, but hope and excitement are on that horizon over yonder, and I’m going with it.


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