Cool your jets, Tangents

Like a codependent lover, New York threw a fit and has kept me around a few extra days. Winter weather is really cramping my style. I’m trying to take it as a lesson in patience, but damned if I’m not ready to get on the road. 

Where to first? It’s changed a little: initially, I was going to D.C., and then I decided I shouldn’t skip West Virginia. Now the first stop will be at Gettysburg, because in 13 years, I just never made it there and what better time than now?

Please hope with me that there are no more blizzards.

After Gettysburg, the plan is to head to Charleston, W.V. I’ll update more from there.

In the meantime, Louise and I will head out first thing Friday morning. Or last thing tomorrow night. Since I’m packing up everything solo, I’ve been loathe to do so while there’s snow everywhere and I have no backup if an impatient driver starts honking and I inevitably begin to yell at them.

There’s also deep fomo, ALREADY. Despite the packing and the organizing and the scheduling of pickups and depositing of monies, and the endless picking up of more supplies, and the strategizing, I decided I HAD to see ONE MORE PLAY. Like there won’t be theater in Colorado. I can’t wait until I’m allowed to be lazy, or do all the things, but in nature.

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