“It looks like a white trash Hearst Castle in here.”  

It’s Thanksgiving, which means I have the apartment to myself and my imagination is on overdrive and I’m bingeing the Jess arc of Season 2 Gilmore Girls because that’s the best part of GG (fight me). 

GG is a safe place for me. I can return to what was a stable port in a time of tumult, and can imagine how Lorelai I might be if I were in Lorelai’s position.

You know what bothers me the most about this series (obviously including the Year in the Life addendum)?

Why wasn’t Rory on birth control? She’s 30ish and sleeping with Logan and Obamacare is a thing in her world, I’m sure, so why wasn’t she on birth control?

I realize Rory avoiding an unplanned pregnancy because she’s on birth control is not dramatic at all, but someone as smart and responsible as she’s always been made to be — why would she overlook that part?

It’s as though the writers thought that her life is a mess and so of course contraception would fall by the wayside, too. But there’s more than one birth control option that gets a person out of having to take one pill at the same time every single day.

It’s 2017. One can have a messy life, and can have any version of relationships (or lack thereof), and still manage to not get pregnant.

Okay, and only peripherally relevant is what my imagination is doing around single motherhood. If I hit 36 and somehow think it’s a good idea, I’m reconsidering my “no kids” statute.

So many of these GG episodes from Rory’s (and my) junior year are episodes I should’ve seen, and I don’t remember them. There are big chunks of that year that I’m missing, probably for the better.

I’m on like hour 10 of Gilmore Girls. It might be time to queue up something else and go to bed.

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