I’m in Oklahoma, and I’m tired, and I barely remember which hotel I stayed at last night.

So much has happened since Selma. Since Atlanta, even. I keep thinking, “there’s not enough time to catch up with everything!” but there would be if I’d just stay the fuck off Facebook.

Is it too late to tap out, and just fly to Vancouver?

Now the work at home (keeps going)…

Now the work at home (keeps going)…
It’s been a big week for Hamilton lyrics. When ACHA was pulled from a vote, my timelines were filled with “You don’t have the VOTES” memes. The day before my visit to Thomas Jefferson’s famous estate in Virginia last Wednesday, I tweeted, “On a scale of 1 to excessively rude, where would suggesting to Monticello docents they play exclusively, ‘What Did I Miss?’ fall?”

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