“It looks like a white trash Hearst Castle in here.”  

It’s Thanksgiving, which means I have the apartment to myself and my imagination is on overdrive and I’m bingeing the Jess arc of Season 2 Gilmore Girls because that’s the best part of GG (fight me).  Continue reading ““It looks like a white trash Hearst Castle in here.”  “

This week, last week, always

This week, last week, always

I have this friend. You might know her, actually.

My friend, she writes beautifully and precisely about horrible things. She curates words with a clarity of mind that leaves you with no mistake as to what happened, who is to blame, and what was at stake. I envy her this.

All I can seem to do is ramble on. Write 9,000 words about things I’ve been parsing since I was 15, each year adding and compounding to the total. If our savings accounts accrued interest the way our bodies do harassment, we could make up the wage gap, and then some. We could pay for our birth control, our preventive visits, our maternity care.
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