Home, Part One of Indefinite

Home, Part One of Indefinite

I’m headed to Minnesota on Tuesday, and will be there for two weeks, unless something gets better.

The cancer that’s in her lungs isn’t in her bones, but there is cancer in her bones — at least it’s described as a cancer on various medical websites, including the definitive cancer.org. But it can progress into acute myeloid leukemia, and is more prone to do so in older patients, and those afflicted with the kind of myelodysplastic syndrome that affects both red and white blood cell counts — which are both boxes my grandma checks. Continue reading “Home, Part One of Indefinite”

Baby Fishmouth: A Family Unit’s Comical Failures to Communicate

My mother took the cancer news well (from what I heard), which is to say she asked my grandma if she should be there, and my grandma said no, there’s nothing really for you to do, and no reason for you to come, and my mother called three days later to tell her she was on her way in a rented car, from Minneapolis.

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