Sometimes self-care is giving yourself a pedicure in semi-darkness because you like the soft light.

Sometimes, its painting the stubs of your fingernails because you’re going to try to grow them for the millionth time.

It’s unfollowing his Instagram. It’s letting the weeds grow in your Twitter feed. It’s turning off notifications, and enabling “Do Not Disturb” more hours than it’s off.

Self-care is knowing how and when to remove yourself from the chaos and noise of the world to preserve your self-worth, your sanity, your mental health and stability. It’s shutting everything off so you can finally sleep.

It’s finally letting your brain rest enough to get some sleep.

Find Your Zen

Find Your Zen

There is a new site for the millennial ladies called The Refresh, and guess who is published there?!

(If you guessed me, YOU WIN.)

For your sanity, I shared some of my favorite self-care, uh, things (things?) that I sincerely hope put you in a better frame of mind ahead of Tuesday. Sweet pile of burning trash Tuesday.

Self-care as a concept has taken off in the past few years, thanks, in part, to young women who are emphasizing its importance to their well-being. I’d never really thought of it as a necessary, almost-scheduled practice until probably a year ago, but I’ve since become a vociferous advocate. Taking care of your mental and physical health is the single most important thing you can do, and it’s what sets the stage for everything else in your life. As Count Rugan tells Prince Humperdinck near the Pit of Despair, “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”

So. With that, I hope these eight key tips help. And if they don’t, or if I missed something (keep in mind there were like four or six I left off, but, word counts), feel free to let me know. In the meantime, let’s just try and get through the next five days. I know we can; I believe in us.